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Get inspired with the huge selection of “How To” guides at  Lincraft’s Creative hub. Find “DIY” videos or free “How To” sheets and get started on your next craft, art, sewing or knitting project.

Here we share with you one that you can do with the kids during the school holidays.

How to make friendship bracelets

These colourful bracelets are the best gifts for your child to give to their besties, or you can make them together and have your very own matching bracelets!




  • DMC threads
  • Sticky tape Scissors


  1. Choose DMC threads in your favourite colours – the more colours you use, the thicker your bracelet will be
  2. Cut about 80cm of each thread
  3. Tie together with a knot, leaving a long tail
  4. Tape the tail down in front of you on a tabletop using sticky tape. Alternatively, you can also tie the tail around a safety pin and secure it into a blanket or cushion
  5. Arrange the colours in the order you’d like
  6. Working from left to right, take the thread on the far left and create a forward knot by making a “4” shape over the top of the second thread
  7. Loop this thread under and back through the opening
  8. Pull gently to create the first knot in the bracelet. Tie the knots consistently and try not to tie them too tightly to prevent your bracelet from curling in on itself. If this
    does happen, use an iron to steam over the top of it when it is finished and this should help to loosen the threads
  9. Repeat this step across each thread until the working thread sits to the far right
  10. Once you knot a few rows the colour order will become very easy to see
  11. Continue until the length of the friendship bracelet comfortably fits around your wrist
  12. Cut the threads, leaving another long tail, and simply tie securely around you or your friend’s wrist

Download the guide

Download the How To guide to print a copy of the instructions.

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