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We are giving away special edition LEGO® gifts these school holidays!

One of the surprising joys of parenthood is seeing kids play with old toys when they visit their grandparents. In particular, pulling out the ancient box of LEGO® – you know the one, your collection from the early 80s – which is still in perfect working order.

To share the joy of LEGO® we are offering a special edition LEGO® gift with purchase*, for any purchases made in-centre or online from our participating stores. To find out how to claim your gift visit our LEGO® page


Why is Lego great for kids?

Improve communication

LEGO® is a great shared activity, and it encourages kids to collaborate and communicate. Whether it’s working together to build something, or asking for help in finding a specific piece, it’s a chance for them to be focused on an activity and share an experience – either with their siblings or their parents.

Follow instructions

The beauty of a new box of LEGO® is that it comes with a set of instructions designed to be easy to follow and interpret. The purely visual instructions don’t rely on children being able to read, meaning even preschoolers can create something with minimal assistance, which looks just like the picture on the box.

Creative problem solving

LEGO® inspires creative thinking and problem solving, once you’ve followed the instructions on the box, you can then pull it all apart and use those same blocks to create something completely different, inspired by your imagination. Plus experiencing the frustration of not being able to solve a problem right away, is also great for building emotional resilience.

Fine motor skills

LEGO® helps kids to build the precise movements they need to hone their fine motor skills, essential for when they’ll be using a pen for writing and drawing as they grow older. It’s also great for hand-eye coordination, and helps build overall dexterity.


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