Going out with friends can be a lot of fun! Especially when you plan the perfect night out. There are so many activities you can choose from, but when it comes to dinner, drinks or a movie, which one would you choose? (Or more importantly, which one would your friends love!)

We’ve rounded up some exciting ideas for either one of the three!! Now all you have to do is pick one.

Dinner with friends

Going to dinner doesn’t have to be the usual night out. You can make it fun! Get creative and find ways to surprise your friends.

Dinner in the backyard

Surprising your friends with dinner is always a nice treat. Why not step it up a notch with a dinner setting in the backyard. Taking the time to set up the perfect outdoor setting will show your friends you care and have put thought into your night out. The best part about eating at home is if you’ve forgotten something, the kitchen is only a stone's throw away! Why not visit, country grower for fresh fruits and vegies for your meal prep.  Don’t forget to stop at Michel’s Patisserie or Sugar Rush for a delicious ready made dessert.

Dinner at a restaurant

If you’re time poor, dinner at a restaurant is always a good idea. Being able to relax over a meal someone else has cooked for you is an ideal way to wind down with your friends after a long day.

Warrawong Plaza has a handful of restaurants to dine at until late.

Another Burger Joint

You can’t go wrong with a burger for dinner. And who can say no to hot chips! Another Burger Joint offers Japanese style burgers known as ‘Japa-Dogs’. Try the Karaage Chicken Baga with Japanese fried chicken, sriracha mayo, bacon and slaw.

Chong Co

If you’re feeling like enjoying some Thai food, Chong Co is for you. With delicious Thai dishes including traditional massaman curry, pad thai and fish cakes. Or try something new from their innovative and truly tasty menu.

Hong Kong Palace

Dreaming of that Yum Cha you had on your last visit overseas? Dream no longer. Hong Kong Palace offers Yum Cha at its best. You can also pick from their Chinese inspired menu.

Rashays Casual Dining

For a relaxed dinner experience, head into Rashays Casual Dining. They serve a whole range of dinner favourites including burgers, pizza, pasta and seafood. Plus their customer favourite, RASHAYS® chicken with creamy mushroom sauce.

Sugar Rush Dessert Bar

Finish off the evening with a sweet treat from Sugar Rush Dessert Bar. Indulge in delicious desserts to satisfy that chocolate, strawberry or vanilla craving!

A cooking class

For something a little different, book your girlfriends into a local cooking class. You’ll get to learn how to cook something new and maybe even brush up on your cooking skills while you’re at it! Plus, you’ll get to eat your meal once you’ve finished making it!

Bar drinks

A night out with friends over some drinks can be the perfect way to unwind and relax after a busy week!

Head to your favourite bar

If you have a favourite bar, why not organise to meet there. You’ll know the best drinks to order, the best table to sit at and you’ll be comfortable in the space, creating a relaxed atmosphere for everyone. If you’re feeling a little adventurous, aim to try all of the cocktails on the menu. (Not in the one sitting of course!) It will give you an excuse to come back!

Food and wine festival

Heading out to the local food and wine festival can be a great way to catch up with friends. The comfortable ambiance and relaxed settings is guaranteed to put your friends at ease. It can also help to keep the conversation flowing as you try out different wines and foods.

Cocktail making at home

There is just something so fun about making cocktails at home. You can enjoy as many delicious cocktails as you like, without worrying about the expensive bar tab! It’s also a plus being able to completely relax in your own space and have a good laugh at your creations! Choose 3-4 cocktails you want to make, gather all of the ingredients you need and let the fun begin!

Movie Night

Watching a good movie or a big sport game with your friends is a great way to spend time together and could set the tone for the rest of the night. It is also a great conversation starter and can certainly set the mood with friends.

Head to Hoyts

Why not check your local Hoyts to see what new movies they are showing. There is always something for everyone, whether your friends are into scary, romantic or action packed.  You are guaranteed to find an great movie for all to enjoy.

Get comfy at home

Why not try to watch a movie or a sports match at home with friends. It is the ideal way to relax and unwind with your mates. You can also still make it fun! Clear the living room and visit coles or aldi to get the snack and drinks table all set up.  A benefit of being at home is you don’t have to stop at one movie or sports match. You can watch two or three without worrying about an expensive movie or drinks bill!  

An outdoor cinema

If you wanted to enjoy more outdoor activities with friends, why not try your local outdoor cinema for a movie experience under the stars. Depending on the venue, you can usually bring your own picnic snacks and drinks. What more could you want?!

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