Know how to perform CPR

Learning to resuscitate a child is a crucial, lifesaving technique everyone should know how to perform. As we believe so strongly in this, Baby and Toddler CPR classes will be held this September 25th and 27th free of charge at Warrawong Plaza. Parents will be taught the basics of baby and toddler CPR, plus first aid for choking and allergic reactions.

Bookings for these classes are essential, so please book your spot with our Concierge team.

**Please note that this is not a certified CPR/First Aid class and participants will not receive a certificate or certification afterwards.

Enroll your kids into swimming lessons

Once your child is old enough, enroll them into swimming lessons. They will be taught valuable skills that they may not learn from you alone. Enlisting the help of a professional will ensure they are taught to swim the correct way as well as making sure they are confident and enjoy the water.

Teach your kids how to get out of a rip

If your kids are at old enough to be able to swim on their own, ensure they know how to identify a rip current and how to get out of a rip if they do happen to get in trouble. A beach that is safe one day, might not always be safe the next!

Beachsafe explains, “Swim parallel to the shore or towards breaking waves and use them to help you in”. They also share a very valuable video on how to survive a rip current which you can watch with your kids. 

Be prepared for bluebottle and jellyfish stings

Unfortunately bluebottles and jellyfish are part of summer time at the beach. Unlike some deadly jellyfish such as the Irukandji, bluebottles and most jellyfish can be seen. However, this doesn’t always mean that they are noticeable in the ocean, making stings a likelihood. A sting is recognisable almost immediately, and appears in the form of a red “beaded” like line.

If stung, remove any remaining tentacles being careful to not cause any further stings. This can be done by washing them off in sea water or picking them off, preferably wearing gloves. Place the affected area in hot (45 degrees Celsius) water for at least 20 minutes. If symptoms such as itching, blistering or pain are still persisting after this time, it is best to seek a doctor.

Summer should be a fun time of year, enjoyed by everyone. Although it can be stressful for parents with children.  Being well prepared will help make sure the warmer months are fun and safe.

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