Choosing the perfect gift for your loved one can be a surprisingly difficult task. Even though this is the person you probably know the best, most of us struggle to come up with gift ideas for Valentines Day. Unless you’re taking notes throughout the year of items your partner mentions they’d love to have, your mind is most likely going blank right about now…

Let us help you choose the perfect gift for your partner!

What are their hobbies?

Think about the ways your partner likes to spend their spare time. Do they like to spend time in the garden or working on the house? Perhaps some new tools or equipment would come in handy. Do they love taking photos? A hard drive to store all of their photos and videos is definitely something they would be thankful for. If your budgets a little bigger, a new lens for their camera would be an awesome surprise. If your partner is an all round exercise enthusiast, some new workout clothing would be perfect.

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Think about their favourite sports

What sports does your partner enjoy to watch the most? It could be the NRL. Or even the netball! Check out what games are coming up and surprise them with tickets to the next match. If they’re more of a participator, offer to pay for their enrolment into a local team sport such as touch football or soccer.

Could travel be on the cards?

If you’ve been with your partner for a while now, you may be thinking of planning that first trip away together. If you’ve been together a little longer, you may have been chatting about a destination for a while. The trip doesn’t have to be extravagant. You could surprise them with a little weekend getaway down south. (Think Kiama or Jervis Bay or a romantic getaway in the Blue Mountains). Or if you’re set on an overseas trip, take them into your local travel agent to book a trip on the spot!

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Check the bathroom cabinet

If you’re buying for a female, why not surprise them with their favourite scent or makeup.  Have a peek into their makeup drawer to see if any items are about to run out. It could be a lipstick, a favourite shade of blush or a perfume they wear daily! This trick works for males too (while the selection may be a little smaller!) See if their cologne or aftershave is running out and purchase a new one for them.

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Test your cooking skills

Keen to test your skills in the kitchen? Tell your partner you are cooking dinner for them that night and plan out a delicious three course meal. Look through a recipe book or online to choose the meals you’d like to cook and head down to your local grocer to shop for the ingredients. Pick out a delicious wine for the evening and you’ll be all set. (Remember, if choosing a good drop isn't something you feel comfortable doing, the shop attendants are always there to help and make great suggestions to compliment your meal!)

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Make a day of it

Planning out a full day with your partner is always a good idea! You can decide on having an adventurous or a relaxing day based on how you like to spend your days together. Plan the day from start to finish. Breakfast in bed, a walk along the beach, a paddle boarding lesson for two, cocktails at your favourite bar, sunset at Flagstaff Hill Lighthouse and dinner at a local restaurant.

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A “sweet” date night

If your partner has a sweet tooth, there's no better way to end the day than a tasty dessert. Take your partner out for a treat at Sugar Rush Dessert Bar. Afterwards, catch a movie at your local Hoyts Cinema.

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If your budget is small

It’s important to remember you don’t need to spend a fortune on your partner to show them how you feel. A small thoughtful gift is always nice to show them you care and have thought about them.

If you do have a small budget try one of these ideas:

Perfect Valentines Gift

This Valentines Day, be mindful the real gift is being present, spending time together and remembering nice things for your partner can be done everyday just by being thoughtful and helping each other out. Surprising your partner with the perfect valentine's day gift is just a little icing on the cake.

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