With the Easter Break fast approaching, there’s no doubt you’ll be gearing up for Holiday mode!! Being lucky enough to live on the south coast of New South Wales means there’s so many beautiful destinations close enough to drive to. If you have decided to pack up and head off on a self driving road trip for your next holiday, we have some hints and tips for you.

Your mode of transport

Choosing your mode of transport is going to be a major factor in making your trip a good one! If you’re going with a bunch of friends or just one other person, decide who has the best car and go from there. There are a few factors to take into consideration when choosing the best car. Ask yourself:

Tip: Get your car serviced at at JAX Tyres and Kmart before you leave for your self driving road trip. This will ensure your car is less likely to break down and you can rest assured knowing your water and oil levels are right. If anything needs to be fixed, you can have it taken care of before you leave.

Pick your destination

You may already have an awesome destination in mind for this trip. If not, think about how far you’re willing to drive and what sort of holiday you want to have.

Whilst you’re deciding, remember to check out websites like Tripadvisor and read reviews for the destinations and hotels you want to visit. Make sure to also check out the latest updates for places where weather or seasonal factors are going to come into play. The National Parks websites also have updates on the conditions of areas. Don’t forget to visit Flight Centre if you need help booking accommodation or car hire.

What to bring

Knowing what to bring is going to depend on the destination you have decided to head to and the type of holiday you are going to take.


If you’ve decided to go on a camping holiday, remembering all of your camping equipment is a must!

To give you a headstart on your list, here are the basics you can grab from Big W, Target or sometimes even Aldi:

Beach holiday

Thankfully, packing for a beach holiday is a little easier than packing to go camping. Generally, you’re going to have a lot less to bring. Aside from your clothing and toiletries, the main other items you’re going to need to remember to bring can be found at Target and Big W:

Road trip packing list

You will need to make sure you bring some items just for the road trip alone! Grab some of these items from Aldi, Coles or The Reject Shop:

There are also a lot of great apps out there to assist you in your journey. Some of our favourites are FuelMapAustralia, GasFinder, Live Traffic, Spotify and CampingMate.

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