Easy Art and Craft Activities For Kids this Easter Holidays

It’s almost school holidays! And you know what that means… it’s time to start planning out ideas to keep the kids at home occupied during the Easter holiday break. (Also, planning out ideas that won’t break the bank!) We’ve come up with some easy art and craft ideas that are simple to setup and the kids will love!

Craft Ideas Using Paper

Make Easter cards

Start the season off in theme by having the kids create their own paper Easter cards. Set up a small desk for the kids with all of the supplies. Depending on how creative they want to get, you can supply items like:

You can pick up a bunch of stationary supplies from Big W, Target, or Warrawong Newsagency.

Make an Easter egg garland

Get your house in the Easter spirit with an egg garland decoration for the walls or kids bedrooms! These egg garlands are super easy to make and perfect if you’re on a budget!

What you’ll need:

To make the garland:

  1. Use the egg cut out to trace an egg onto the coloured paper using a pencil.

  2. Cut the egg shape out of the paper.

  3. Punch a hole in the top of the egg cut out.

  4. Repeat until you have the amount of egg cut outs you desire.

  5. Thread the string or twine through each egg cut out to create your garland.

  6. If you wish to use tape instead, you can tape the string to your egg cut outs.

  7. When finished, hang on the wall, over a bookshelf or on the end of a bed!

Pick up your Easter egg garland supplies from Big W, Target, or Warrawong Newsagency.

Dyeing Easter eggs

Having the kids dye their own Easter eggs with food colouring is a lot of fun! They can pick any colour they like or mix and match by dip dyeing. You can either save up the egg shells throughout the year, or cook up a batch of hard boiled eggs for the kids to use.

To make the dye:

Mix around 20 drops of food colouring and a teaspoon of vinegar with 1 cup of hot water. Choose either a bowl or jar and let cool before the kids dip their eggs in! It’s a good idea to use a set of tongs to dip the eggs. You’ll also need a drying rack handy for once the eggs are finished.

Tip: Don’t forget to lay down some newspaper to avoid any stains and spills!

Shop for your eggs and food colouring at one of our supermarkets.

Set up a painting station for kids

A painting station outside is a great way to get the kids outdoors (and avoid paint spills inside). Set up a newspaper lined table with a bunch of different paints, watercolours and brushes. You’ll also need some jars filled with water to wash brushes in between colours. If you have an easel, great! If not, the kids can still paint on the table.

It can also be a fun idea to arrange a bunch of glitter, ribbons and streamers to let the kids get creative.

Get your paint station supplies from Big W, Target, or Warrawong Newsagency.

Wrap chocolate gifts

If you have a bunch of Easter egg gifts to give out, either to family or to school friends, it's a great idea to get the kids to help! You can create bundles off chocolate Easter eggs as packages using a little bit of cellophane and some Easter coloured or themed ribbon.

What you’ll need:

To make the gifts:

  1. Empty the mini chocolate easter eggs from their packets.

  2. Create groups of different Easter eggs. These will be used to wrap into little packages for different people. Aim to wrap around 20 eggs per gift.

  3. Cut the cellophane or clear wrap into large squares. Ensure it’s big enough to wrap around the eggs and tie the ribbon, creating a hamper style package.

  4. Place the eggs into the middle of the cellophane.

  5. Wrap the cellophane upwards, bunching it in the middle to tie the ribbon.

  6. Wrap a ribbon around the cellophane creating a bow.

Pick up your chocolate Easter eggs and wrapping supplies from our supermarkets.

Cook up some Easter inspired cupcakes

If you feel like getting in on the DIY action, help the kids cook up some Easter inspired cupcakes! Depending on your level of cooking skills (and time!) decide on whether you will be making the cupcakes from scratch or a packet and then shop for the ingredients!

The icing is where the real creativity is going to come in. You can mix and match with different colour icings, decorate with sprinkles or buy some edible Easter cupcake toppers. We love searching for “Easter cupcake ideas” on Pinterest.

Shop for your Easter cupcake ingredients at one of our supermarkets.

Bring the kids to Breakfast with the Easter Bunny

If you’ve had enough arts and crafts for one day, bring the kids along to the Warrawong Plaza for a breakfast with the easter bunny. There will be an exclusive breakfast with a goodies bag for the kids to enjoy.  It's also a great chance for the kids to be able to interact with each other and make new friends!

The Easter Breakfast will take place at Sat 13th April from 8.30am - 10am so make sure you book your spot with Concierge.

Easter Egg Hunt

We all know how much kids love a good easter egg hunt.  That is why at Warrawong Plaza, we are running an easter egg hunt on Thur 11th April from 4pm - 6pm.  So get your favourite easter hats on and join the hunt for the giant Easter egg pictures in some of your favourite retailers.  Prizes will be given to those who have spotted 10 or more eggs. Easter Egg sheets can be picked up from Concierge at the start of the hunt.  

Lego City Play Centre

Warrawong Plaza will also have a Lego City Centre Play Zone set up for the kids to enjoy! The Lego Play Centre is location at The Place from Tues 23rd April - Sat 27th April.  You can find us opposite JB Hi Fi.

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