If there’s one thing to be excited about this Christmas, it’s being able to decorate your house and immerse yourself in the spirit of the season. Surrounding your living space with Christmas decorations makes the month of December that extra bit special!

Choosing a theme

There are endless themes out there to choose from and depending on your creativity you could come up with something unique and meaningful to you and your family. Or if tradition is your thing, you can’t go wrong with the Christmas favourites like:

Whether you opt for a one-of-a-kind theme or traditional, decorating your house will without a doubt bring that Christmas spirit into your home.

Gathering inspiration

Inspiration for your Christmas theme can be sought from anywhere! Magazines, shop fronts, social media sites such as Pinterest, or even Etsy. Once you’ve decided on your theme, you can start decorating, even adding some DIY touches as you go along.

Christmas lights

Christmas lights can really add a special touch. If you’ve gone with a White Christmas theme, choose lights with white globes as opposed to warm globes. If you’re going for a burgundy colour theme, opt for the warm lights. You could even splash out a little with some icicle lights and add a touch of coloured lights for areas like Santa’s Workshop or on trees.

Purchase your Christmas lights from a range of stores including Big W, Target or Aldi. Sometimes you can find some really unique lights at Dollar Time (lvl 1) and Smart Dollar (lvl 2).

Tinsel and trinkets

The interior decorations speak volumes for the theme you’ve chosen. From the tinsel and trinkets, to the wreaths and banister trimmings, you can be as inventive as you like. Think giant paper snowflakes, hidden candy canes, a garland of olive branches, golden tassels on drawers or frosted leaves and bark sheets. Most of these decorations can even be a DIY project for you and your kids.

Pick up your Christmas decorations from stores like The Reject Shop, TK Maxx or Salvos Store.

Holy Sheets and Manchester

The linens are often forgotten in the household when it comes to Christmas decorating. But they have the opportunity to be really memorable when done correctly. It’s also a significant touch to the spare bedrooms if you are welcoming guests to your home. Plaid pillows, a red and gold bed runner or an evergreen bedspread are all ideas to experiment with.

Your Christmas inspired linens can be picked up from TK Maxx, Big W or Target.

The Christmas tree

Ahh, the Christmas tree. The centerpiece of the main room in the house. Matching your Christmas tree decorations to the theme is easy! Although, it’s not a must. There is something truly extraordinary about having a Christmas tree full of hanging ornaments that have been passed down through the generations. Wooden hand crafted toy trains are perfect for a theme based around Santa’s workshop whereas pastel baubles are a lovely adornment for a Winter Wonderland.

Discover beautiful Christmas tree ornaments in stores like, Target, TK Maxx, Big W or The Reject Shop. You can also find some really unique gems at places like Dollar King and Smart Dolllar.

Wrapping paper

Having themed wrapping paper ties everything together nicely. For example, the Coastal Blue theme could feature brown kraft paper, complete with gold and silver ribbon and some twine. A Farmhouse Country theme could even see some holly being tied in with a checked red ribbon.

Christmas themed wrapping paper can be purchased from stores many of the stores at Warrawong, but again get in quick cause the best paper always sells out fast.

The Christmas Day table setting

Entertaining guests on Christmas Day is the perfect excuse to decorate the table as well. From the table runner to candlesticks, cutlery to napkin rings, there are so many ways to delight your guests. You could decorate with handcrafted place cards and set the scene with a cinnamon scented candle. It all makes a difference for the better.

Wow your guests with table setting items from stores such as Big W, TK Maxx, Best & Less, or Dollar Time.

Match the food

Take it one step further and match the food to your theme. You don’t have to go overboard on this one. Try snowflake cookies dusted in icing sugar or bright summer fruits if you’ve opted for more colour. If you’ve chosen a dark red hue to compliment your theme, top the table with a bowl of delicious, rich cherries.

Shop for your Christmas selection of fresh foods from Coles, Aldi, Country Grocer and Fish Feast.

Christmas clothing

Dress up in Christmas threads for a little bit of extra fun! You could host an Ugly Sweater Party or a North Pole Party (although you may want to turn that air conditioning up!) Opt for the obvious colours including red and green, or dress as an elf! It will make a great Christmas photo.

For all your Christmas dressing needs visit Best & Less, Connor, Just Jeans, Millers or Lowes.

Whatever theme you choose, there’s no doubt it will make your Christmas unforgettable.

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