Imagining a clutter free pantry may be hard to do. However, it is easy to achieve! Follow our 7 easy steps to organise your pantry and you’ll be clutter free in no time.

1. Set aside time
To do this task properly, make sure you set aside enough time to do it. You’ll soon see that after pulling all of the contents of your pantry out, it’s going to become quite messy. Making sure you have the motivation to do this is going to be essential, making this a great task to save for a rainy day.

2. Pull everything out of your pantry
While it may seem like a daunting task depending on how big your pantry is, pull everything out. It’s easiest to tackle this shelf by shelf. Once you have everything out, clean over each surface to prepare for your brand new, sparkly clean pantry!

3. Start sorting
Sorting through the items in your pantry will help you find food that is out of date so you can dispose of it. While you're doing this, place items next to each other that belong together. For example, canned foods, oils and sauces, all of your nuts or all of your baking ingredients. You’ll want to keep these items together once you start placing everything back into the pantry.

4. Invest in jars and containers

Packaging and boxes can become messy. Opting for clear jars and containers will keep everything organised and help you clearly see what’s inside. Choosing square containers will help everything fit neatly next to each other. They are also going to save food from going off if you have children opening up packaging and leaving it open. Using jars and containers can also help you steer away from packaged goods and do your bit for the environment.

If you’re opting for containers, Big W have a great collection especially if you’re on a budget. Pick up your jars from MyHouse.

Jars in Pantry

5. Label, label, label!
Whether it’s a date stamp or naming what’s inside, labelling is the perfect way to keeping an organised pantry. Now that you’ve moved your flours, grains, nuts and seeds into containers you can easily label what they are, the date they were bought, or the expiry date. If you don’t have any labels, Warrawong Newsagency have a great selection of stationery to help make this task a little easier!

6. Find items from around the home
You’ll probably find you have a few household items lying around that you could use. This could be anything from a straw basket, to a magazine holder. Even an old pasta sauce jar can do the trick! It’s also a good way of getting into the habit of recycling. If you’re stuck for spare items, take your pick from a bunch of discount household items at Dollar King.

7. Use trays
If you like to keep your appliances in the pantry, storing them on trays is particularly handy, especially if your shelves are quite deep. By storing your appliances on trays, you’ll be able to just slide them out and reach the item at the back with ease, saving you from pulling everything out and putting it all back in again.

Your local supermarket will have a selection of trays to choose from.

An organised pantry

Now that you have a clutter free, organised pantry, commit to keeping it this way. You’ll notice it will help you to become more organised in other ways. Grocery shopping and meal planning for you and your family will also become easier.

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