With the festive season fast approaching, the calendar is most likely stocked full of events, parties and gatherings. You may even be hosting your own. We share our top 10 tips for entertaining this holiday season, with ease.

1. Keep it at home

Hosting an afternoon party at home allows you to create a comfortable space and plan it exactly how you would like, giving you the freedom to do as you please. It also allows you to set your own budget and cater for guests to your taste.

2. Outside is best

If you are greeted with good weather, outside is always best. Especially if you have the backyard for it. Setting up outside gives you the option to move around and kids the area to play. You’ll also be able to enjoy an afternoon of sunshine.

3. Get creative with the table setting

When you're decorating your table setting, pick a theme or colour and plan from there. You may want to go with an all white look, a rustic touch, or classic and simple with a pop of greenery. Think about what you would like on the table. Layered plates, cloth napkins, decorative bonbons and even a beautiful vase with flowers from the garden for the centrepiece. Opting for a table runner will also save you worrying about spilling food or drink onto a good table cloth.

4. Try something different

Do you have a recipe you’ve been wanting to try for months now, but haven’t had the chance to entertain? Well now is the perfect time. Warrawong Plaza has fresh food retailers to shop from for that apricot glazed ham and mango salsa you have been longing to try out.

5. Rosé for day

A crisp rosé is a delicious and light choice for the ladies and a welcomed refreshment for an afternoon in the sunshine. Pair with a soft cheese and some light fruits as a small snack before the main meal.Liquorland have a range of specials to choose from for the holidays.

6. DIY!

Get crafty and make some of the decorations yourself. Whether it be homemade bonbons, christmas cookies or a nice floral arrangement with clipped grass or backyard vines, a little DIY touch is a great conversation starter.Discount variety stores such as Dollar King are a great place to head to if you’re looking for some inspiration.

7. Make the seating comfortable

Make sure your guests are comfortable by placing a cushion on every seat. You’re going to be spending most of the afternoon around the table enjoying the meals you have created, so there’s nothing more important than being comfortable and relaxed. A cushion can go a long way and it’s the little touches like this that count!

8. Keep the kids occupied

Set up a craft station to keep the kids busy for the afternoon. This can be as simple as laying some brown or white paper over the table for them to draw on. Grab an old pasta jar to put colouring pencils in or even place some scrap paper on the table for the kids to make their own Christmas cards with some glitter and coloured tapes. You can pick up a range of craft supplies from Warrawong Newsagency.

9. Don’t forget the music

Putting together a playlist for the day is so much more easier these days with the ability to have it stored on your smartphone. JB Hi-Fi have a collection of speakers you can connect your smartphone to via bluetooth. Your guests might even have a song or playlist they want to listen to which they’ll be able to do with a touch of a button.

10. Less is always more

When planning your party remember less is always more. There’s no need to go overboard with the decorations, settings or even the food. Keeping it simple will ensure you also have a relaxing day to spend with family and friends these holidays.

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