Faces of Warrawong Photography Exhibition

13 June 2019 (Expired)

Celebrating the people of Warrawong with photographs by Emma Karharnen, from Beyond Empathy.

Emma grew up with several talented artists, photographers and musicians in her family, and was encouraged from a young age to be as creative as she can be. Facing multiple health issues, Beyond Empathy has provided Emma with a supportive environment to practice her art making. She is thankful to have several creative outlets to express herself through art and photography and is currently being mentored by Beyond Empathy photographer Raphaela Rosella.

Emma studied fine arts at West Wollongong TAFE from 2006-2011 and focused mainly on traditional media, but is particularly interested in wildlife illustration. She is a self-taught landscape photographer and has been taking photos in a variety of styles since 2006.

Emma also plays guitar, was once in a band, and enjoys having the occasional jam with her brother in his garage.

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